Get to know PIPS

Profitability is the single most important reason business people start businesses. Sustainability, being the ability to maintain your business at a certain level now and into the future, is a direct result of remaining profitable.

PIPS (Price and Index Pages) provides access to 180 independent market or product-specific indices, ensuring that Contract Price Adjustments are fair and equitable to both client and supplier.

Price and Index Pages are solely available from SEIFSA and are protected by copyright and trademark law; we are a great deal more than just a preferred supplier. With the benefit of over 70 years of industry experience and expertise at our disposal, SEIFSA PIPS is the only credible tool of its kind. We offer tailor-made Indices reporting, thus helping you to adjust for price escalations on tenders and contracts in nearly any business sector within South Africa.


Our success is shown in the continued successful growth of industry within SA.